the boss of the sauce (the_dense) wrote,
the boss of the sauce

rebuttals aimed at no one in particular

1. okay, about following the book. you know what follows the book? jackson's LOTR trilogy. know also what's boring as shit and i never watch for fun, me, the re-watcher of films? the LOTR trilogy. yaawwwwwnnnnn they kept the whole book in.

1b. except "the scourging of the Shire," which is the most thematically interesting bit. but noooooo, stay true to book. otherwise...

2. The Oatmeal has a bitchy Venn Diagram claiming that the only similarity between Z and its source material is the title, and derides the film as "Brad Pitt shoots zombies around the globe." hey, The Oatmeal, i know you're mostly after pandering to a nerdass fanbase and getting hits by the millions, but go see the fuckin' movie, mkay? i seriously hate some unfounded-ass opinions.

3. the Evil Dead re-boot? still not okay. i don't care if fuckin' Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are "executive producers" on it. if you could turn a giant profit selling turd sandwiches, probably you'd do it. Bubba Ho Tep was better than hundreds/thousands of things out there, but does that pay the bills?

4. to quote Archer, "idiots, doing idiot things, because they're idiots..."

5. i may be getting sick of living in new orleans. not my friends, not my dates or lack thereof, just... i may be sick of being here. then again, it might just be that semi-annual sale on homesickness. we'll see.

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