the boss of the sauce (the_dense) wrote,
the boss of the sauce

The Venture Brothers is better than anything you watch, basically

Sargeant Hatred: uh, Hank, you know about the birds and the bees, right?
Hank: for, like, two years now.
Sargeant Hatred: well, you know how, uh, some birds like birds, and some bees like bees?
Hank: like Uncle Gentleman?
Sargeant Hatred: right! and some birds like eggs. and eggs are fragile, so some egg-lovers take experimental drugs to keep from liking eggs. because i don't want to like eggs.
Hank: whatever. i already know you used to be a pedestrian.
Sargeant Hatred: okay, okay, i'm just saying. and i like bees, too. i've had my share of honey.
bees are ladies, by the way.
Hank: i got it.

this is, of course, after two founding members of the Guild of Calamitous Intent are attacked by Phantom Limb, resulting in them winding up two heads on one body in order to stay alive. oh, and David Bowie is the Sovereign Leader of the Guild. and he can transform into an eagle. and i SWEAR this is not some "lol it's so random lol" tv show. i aspire to write these tight of plots. and this funny. even to someone (me) upon whom the apparently many comic-book jokes are lost.

anyway. i'm a huge nerd, the end.
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