the boss of the sauce (the_dense) wrote,
the boss of the sauce

why you don't understand the humidity of the Deep South in less than 200 words

so i did a long-overdue cleaning-out of my closets/drawers. and at the bottom of one of my dainties bins, below a bunch of outdated underwears and such, i had kept the (probably) last of my ex's stuff. he'd had this leather cuff that he always wore, and when he, uh, took a sudden leave of absence, he left this cuff (and his favorite shirt) alongside the goodbye note. i stuffed both into the bottom of aforementioned drawer and forgot about them, with the exception of when i moved to the new apartment about 2 years ago and wondered, should i throw them out? and then thought, no, some keepsakes are okay.

cleaning out my drawers, i find the cuff. COMPLETELY COVERED IN WHITE AND GREEN MOLD as the result of living in my bedroom and being made of an organic material, namely worn leather with a smidge of boy DNA probably lurking around the edges.

a piece of leather turned to mold in my dresser drawer.

i DARE your environment to be as hot and humid as that.
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